Architectural Design Studio 1 – Project 1


Fragments of self…

Whether during good or bad times, many have often referred to me as an ‘open book’; inside and out. Revealing myself allows me to be flexible with people and my surroundings, thus helping me be more adaptive to my surroundings. One the other hand, though, I end up exposing myself a little too much. Henceforth, I’ve been able to use this openness trait of mine as a cloak to hide secrets that many assume I don’t have.

Each transparent sheet represents a different, but open, characteristic of myself that I easily allow to for anyone to see. However, the more sheets a person looks through, the more hazy the image on the other side becomes; this fogginess is a subtle hint referring to the fact that I am hiding secrets while pretending to be completely open.

The borders around the sheets portray the foundations that allowed that particular trait to arise within me. It can be a warm memory, haunting moment, or even a small thought that shaped me into who I am today.

The added height to the sheets are easily accessible to people as they get to know me, but if they wanted to find out more about me, then they have to dig deeper. the smallest board in the center is the most meaningful of all; despite being the hardest to reach, if discovered , one can easily view me as an open book. The boards are displayed in a centralized organisation that points towards the center of the hexagon.

The reason I have made the boards able to rotate was not just to convey that I am not finding anything from from either side but also to allow people to interact with my model as well.

As a whole, I have chosen a mixture of symmetry and transformation to to portray the project. The former design principle can be found by looking at the arrangement of the cuboids while the latter is shown through the layout of the transparent boards (especially from above) as they descend downwards till the center.

Project completed: 12/04/2018