CSI – Community Service Initiative




AYESHA AZAM – 0335258

Taking my very first step into this module was somewhat refreshing as well as nostalgic. I had already come to experience when it came to being involved community service and what remains in my heart the most is the heartwarming journey during the task before it is completed. It’s the sweet interactions that allow me to become more devoted to projects like these and I make sure to acknowledge every moment I can. It most certainly was an interesting ordeal being teamed up with a different school (School of Education) to complete this assignment; different, but welcoming. I would love to see or hear about what kind of task my juniors will be given, based on how similar or different it might be from ours; it’s always an enjoyable moment sharing each one’s story.

The family was very welcoming during our first day and after being introduced to the room where we were meant to finish our assignment brought a spark of challenge in all of us. The room was certainly smaller than any others I had previously working on and more pressure was added with the limited budget over our heads. Thus began our long work of research, comparisons and a consistent flow of acceptances and rejections between us and our clients. The RM 500 amount kept us grounded to make rational decisions and it was fun exploring through a list of options and new ideas. One big regret I had was being unable to be fluent enough in the Malaysian language to interact with the four daughters of the house, nonetheless, my team and I appreciated the girls still trying their best to communicate with us while they had a similar problem with English. It was informative seeing the Education students come up with creative themes to allow the children to learn on English Language and Mathematics, even without the help of teachers.

The process of finally assembling everything on the final day was very memorable; every piece of furniture had finally been found and purchased after a tough few days of confirmation from the tutors and Kaki Nani (the mother of the family). The job was done during two visits where all eleven of us had to compromise on the space of the room and the apartment and around four hours for each trip, we were able to fulfill our task. Later, all four daughters also ended up commenting on the redecoration of their new study room which made the assignment even more worth it in the end.

This course was able to provide my team and I an enjoyable time we each played our part in helping out the family selected for us and each having a different experience along the way. It was intriguing to find out that for some of my friends, they enjoyed the team interaction more, some loved being able to contribute in building the interior for the room, a few benefited simply from helping out the our clients while others were relished in their first experience for serving a community. It was engrossing listening to each person’s perspective as it made me realize how differently the same moment can affect each individual differently. These tasks truly help ground a human being back to the earth as they realize that everyone has their kind of problems and it’s important to lessen the burden among one another by making sure to reach out.