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Project 1

Progress Report:

19th January 2019

I recently managed to find the right floor plans for a two-story bungalow that would allow me to further practice on my skills on Revit and experiment on the different types of methods to improve my work.

I managed to trace the entire floor plan for the first floor and will slowly begin with the doors and windows soon.

25th January 2019

I recently managed to included the materials for my project. I plan on completing the first floor’s walls as well as work on two Family projects for the doors and windows.

I’ll try to update my progress as soon as I can.

31st January 2019

Finally started on the first floor. This floor is slightly tricky to adjust with the ground floor.

I even managed to start tagging the rooms and using color-fill.

7th January 2019

8th January 2019

9th January 2019

I’ve managed to fill in the spaces that require curtain walls. I’ll move on to creating sliding windows soon.

So far, all the windows and doors have been completed. The only tasks remaining are the mesh walls and their railings.

10th January 2019

The house is finally complete! I might add a few plants around the garden and then quickly proceed with any remaining details.

Project 2