Building Construction and Materials


This class ended up being one I was looking most forward to; thankfully it didn’t disappoint me. What got me most excited about this module was the fact that it was a combination of architecture and engineering, thus allowing me to experience both of the two separate, but similar, worlds. Initially, this subject wasn’t one, rather ‘Building Construction’ and ‘Building Materials’ were two separate classes until they got combined, starting from my batch. Starting from learning about the importance of every material used in buildings, such as their properties, advantages, disadvantages, etc, to understanding hoe each element is later on applied in buildings.


Just like for Asian Architecture, my classmates and I were assigned to groups of 7 to complete this task. From a given list which contained various architect’s names, my group and I ended up choosing Tadao Ando.

The famous Japanese architect left me speechless in his works; the beauty and effectiveness of simplicity in his works set the bar high for me– this was what I had to achieve in life and someday go beyond. His projects made use of two main materials: concrete and glass. What I loved most about his works that we didn’t try to hide the dull natural color of concrete, instead, he made use of the pigment with the combination of natural light to create a different atmosphere for each space.

My team and I were tasked to research on any five of his famous structures, which included notes on how each space stood out from the other, what made the structure so important, what was the design concept behind it all and how the building managed to portray itself for its audiences, etc.

Below, you’ll find an attached PDF file our research on the project.


For me, this assignment ended up being the most challenging of all. Not only were my partner and I mean’t to create sectional detail drawings of a building’s important elements (roof, wall, floor door, window, etc) and all the orthographic drawings but we had to personally visit the site. The criteria for choosing a building was limited to the fact that it had to be only two-stories high; no more, no less. Thankfully though, we were able to come across one that fit the limits perfectly: Core Design Gallery located in SS15, Subang Jaya.

I enjoyed the fact that I got the opportunity to look into the structure, from top to bottom, with my own eyes. In the end, it made me realize how much I was missing out; the difference between looking at something from a screen and looking at it with one’s own eyes. This experience helped me realize more on how much personal perspectives matter in our lives, because a person ends up finding something special that another could not or did not deem worthy initially.