Architecture and Environment


This subject consisted of two main projects that required not only creative thinking but a critical mind that can find hidden strengths and weaknesses in buildings and propose solutions to make it even better.

Project 1:

For this project, my classmates and I were divided into groups of six to create a product out of recyclable materials such as plastics, used wood or glass etc. The main focus was to create something that would be considered worth buying and thus my team and I decided to create small pieces of jewelry from used barbed wire along with path bottles.


Project 2:

This second assignment ended up being my most favorite one of all because it allowed my group and I to fully analyse a famously renowned building here in Malaysia. For this project we had decided to base our research on The Lantern Hotel and gather up all the data based on acoustics, shading, lighting and ventilation.

This famous hotel, despite landing itself in one of the top most popular list of buildings around 2017 contained many flaws that gave me a new insight about architecture. It was almost refreshing to see even great architects make even the most smallest mistakes and it allowed my group and I to look up every possible solution for each fault.

My team and I were each assigned to make a poster based on the above topics; one of my teammate and I were in charge of acoustics.