Architectural Studio 2 – Project 3


Everything came down to the final project, the first assignment where I finally had to take in full consideration to the site around me. Before I could continue with the assignment, my classmates and I were taken to observe the sight but before that we had to do two other things: work as a group to collect every single data and detail regarding our sight and to sketch five drawings of the area.

The first task was understandable, however the second almost didn’t make any sense. For most of my classmates and I, it seemed like a waste of time… Oh, I was wrong. Turns out, just finding something that catches your eye can lead to so many possibilities for inspiration.

For me, it was allowing myself to become more familiar with the area around me and grab the subtle hints that would allow me to make my pavilion fit in, as well as stand out in my site.

Some areas caught my eyes in an instant but there were many where I had to come across twice or thrice to finally catch something different. The work seemed insignificant, however, it did wonders for my final outcome.

Eventually, I decided on creating a pavilion that sunk into the ground where it would be hidden from plain sight, only the gate would attract the attention of any passerby before they experienced a wide open space.

Though, my model ended up incomplete, I managed to complete later on.