Architectural Design Studio 1 – Project 3


Cryptic Venture

The following structure had been designed due to two inspirations: the Brazilian folklore, the Curupira and the art of storytelling. The Curupira is known as a mischievous spirit that lurks in tropical jungles and in many accounts is known to lead people towards somewhere dangerous or (in the spirit’s case) an adventure. Truth be told, this is how I feel we all live our lives; an on-going adventure, but occasionally, a slight push by someone or something, is necessary. As for the latter, I have divided that according to 12 common stops that a character and/or even a real human being experiences during his/her life.

Consider it as a clock…I’ll use myself as an example as I walk through my structure.

12 o’clock: Status Quo, I start at my mundane life, in this case, I’am at the top of the shortest cliff.

1 o’clock: Call to Adventure, I notice the glistening of light from some of the raisin-filled stairs and look below at the structure.

2 o’clock: Assistance, I choose from either three entrance paths.

3 o’clock: Departure, I am now descending down the structure, in-between the cliffs.

4 o’clock: Trails, I try to find myself to the bottom of the maze-like stairs.

5 o’clock: Approach, I arrive at the second stage of stairs, the first part, the one in-between the cliffs and begin to realize that I am about to enter an uncomfortable stage.

6 o’clock: Crises, I have to cross the water to get to the other side; this is the only place in the area where I allow myself to get dirty.

7 o’clock: Treasure, I reach the second part of the stairs and I’m finally out of the water.

8 o’clock: Result, I begin to climb my way up the hiking walls on the tallest cliff.

9 o’clock: Return, I have finally reached the other side.

10 o’clock: New Life, I recollect my thoughts based on the previous activities.

11 o’clock: Resolution, I decide whether or not I want, that little experience has allowed me some new insight on life.

12 o’clock: Status Quo, I’am back where I started.

The main purpose of this project was to help me gain inspiration about something new, whilst I faced a little adventure in the middle of a jungle.